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Thread: 7x57 load

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    7x57 load

    Hi guys,

    I wonder if any of you can help me out with some load data for a 7x57, I have a ruger no.1 in stutzen version, lovely little rifle 😊

    I want to use a 139gr bullet to start with, so if anyone can be of assistance, your help would be very much appreciated.


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    139gr means Hornady then. That little step up to 140gr would open up so many more bullets to you.

    This is a good site i've used in the past.
    7x57 Mauser @

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    Thanks , it's just that I have a box of the hornaday, but also have 140 gr nosler
    its more what powder will suit .

    i will have a look and thanks for the link

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    It seems nowadays that the 139gr and 140gr labels are interchangeable - often the 139gr in 7mm bullets & ammunition actually weigh 140gr.

    If you've got the Ruger No. 1 International (RSI) - often called 'Mannlicher' - these came in different incarnations with short or standard length barrels. From memory the earlier ones were 22" in a 9.5" twist, and had a short rather than the (usual) long throat. Which length barrel is yours?
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    Those I know who own Ruger 7x57s, especially the No.1A, have rifles with pretty long throats, but I would not worry about tuning to that too much.

    What kind of powder do you have?
    H-414 and W-760 ( same powder ) are very good in the 7x57.
    44.0 grains for 2,650 and 48.0 gr for 2,800 fps

    ---- Some Ruger No.1 loads from friends ----------
    145-gr Speer BTSP 46.0 gr IMR-4831 2,625 fps 46,000 CUP 3.065 (inches) 0.75 inch groups
    145-gr Speer BTSP 49.0 gr H-4831 2,719 fps 46,000 CUP

    150-gr Nosler BT
    RL-19 48.0 gr
    3.065 inches COAL
    One ragged hole ( photo ) from a Ruger No. 1A

    140-gr sierra Prohunter or flat base Nosler
    48.0 to 50.0 gr H-4350 ( near MAX )
    Ruger No.1A
    5 holes touching.
    50.0 gr load is 2,750 fpt from 22 inch barrel pressure about 50,000 CUP

    Ruger 77
    Nosler 140-gr Accubond
    50-gr H-4350 or 48.0 gr IMR-4350
    5 shot groups holes touching in a cluster every time. 4 deer at 200 yards or more

    154-gr Hornady
    46.0 gr to 47.0 gr IMR-4350, RL-17, or RL-19
    3.065 inch OAL

    Hornady 139-grain GMX
    Win LR primer
    48.0 grains of Reloader-19 under the GMX produced a velocity of 2,662 fps and sub-MOA groups.

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    Thanks to everyone who replied to my thread, some absolutely great information, thanks guys

    the barrel 18 inches
    I have hogdens 414 and imr 4350 powder, so think this will be be a good place to start, will let you know how I get on.


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    I'll add my favorite 7x57 load: 140 grain Speer Hot Cor, upper end charge of H4831, Remington 9 1/2 primer.

    My most accurate 7x57 load.~Muir

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