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Thread: Venison prices............

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    Venison prices............

    Anyone seen this site?

    Roe Deer Loins

    I don't know where he's getting his prices, but anyone willing to pay over 110/kg needs their head examined!

    I shot a doe yesterday that yielded 4 kg of minced venison for sausaging, 1kg of loin, a 600g roasting joint a 2kg haunch roast, 1kg of diced haunch and a 1gk shoulder roast. Plus, of course, the liver, kidneys, lights and enough bones to keep the dogs happy for the next week or so. I shudder to think what Mr Russells emporium would've charged for that

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    Well, according to his royal stamp, one of the people who needs there head examining is HRH Queen Elizabeth......but then I guess she can afford it, although really you'd have thought she had enough of her own home reared deer to munch on.
    seriosuly though, clearly some folk are prepared to pay that price, otherwise he wouldn't have much of a business, just wish I knew them! Or could supply him with venison directly.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Probably London-dwelling socialites with more money than sense.............or Middle Englands infestation of Ruralistas festooned with Le Chamau & Drizabones finest apparel without having the faintest idea about, well, anything

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    i thought "costco"took the wee wee at 28 a kg but yer mans the winner in spades

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    i just paid 50 for 8 deer legs do you think that's 2 deer

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    do u get your jokes from the same bloke in the pub as me

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