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Thread: Idleback Combo Shooting chair Unused

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    Idleback Combo Shooting chair Unused

    Idleback Standard Combo Chair with Round Seat

    Bought new for 346 (Have Receipt)Opened and checked in Patio,then stored but now not going to be used.
    It appears Idleback have broadened the range since I bought mine, and have reduced the prices,hence I have also reduced mine.
    Save your self around 40
    Delivered to Mainland U.K

    Pictures can be seen by going on to this Manufacturers website.
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    So same as last year then.
    To be honest I quite fancy one, but I'm not going to save just 40 and get a second hand one with no warranty.
    I suspect many feel the same way.


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    How do you quickly adjust for height to shoot at different ranges?

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    To answer that question honestly, I don't know although I do have all the paperwork, but alas it does not have the answer.
    I have never used the chair,but I am sure the manufacturers will give you the correct information here is the contact number 01709837906

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    How do you quickly adjust for height to shoot at different ranges?
    The actual rest (cup) that the rifle sits in will tilt. I have owned one of these seats for about three years. The tilt is controlled by a friction fit (how tight the nut is) and can be moved sufficiently to accommodate anything from fifty to two hundred yards or more.

    I use mine for sitting at ride junctions, waiting for Muntjac to cross. I have never needed any other adjustment than tilting the rest. I shoot at up to a hundred and fifty yards with no problem. It is however most stable if one can get an elbow against something, such as a low branch or tree trunk.

    The actual arm that the rifle rest is on, can be easily adjusted by one hand-nut but I would doubt one would be able to do so quickly enough for a deer crossing a ride. However, in my experience, such an adjustment is unlikely to be necessary.

    The seat is comfortable, very well made and weighs about seven kgs. A strap to carry it on the shoulder is included.
    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks very much now we have a definitive answer!

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