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Thread: .270 moderator

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    .270 moderator

    Hi all,

    Was hoping for some advice. I'm after a mod for my .270 and wanted peoples past experiences and if possible any data for the mods ie db reduction. I have reflex T8's on my .22/250 and .243 and the T4 on my hornet but as this rifle is a mannlicher schonaeur m72 it is quite a thin, slender rifle so I think a big chunky T8 would look a bit daft.

    Anybody help ?



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    Don,t moderate it, learn to appreciate, the roar of a 270

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Don,t moderate it, learn to appreciate, the roar of a 270
    Oooow yes what a great sound it is too. What I would say Matt is be careful you don't unbalance the rifle. I put a T4 on one of my rifles and it is now a pain to carry around wanting to tip backwards from my shoulder. Gaz
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    Defo DON'T mod her I don't my L61R sako And my hearings fine PARDON ! some rifles esp classic 270 s weren't meant to be modded !

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    If you need to moderate, the ATEC Maxim works very nicely on my 270 - good moderation without excess weight, so still balances nicely and not huge to look odd
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    Hi Matt, send it off to Dave at Valkerie rifles with 195, and it will come back with a lovely muzzle brake attached, properly timed in (90 degrees to upright) I had one fitted to my 7 RM and it's fantastic, half the recoil of when it had a sonic mod on, and a lot shorter and lighter. DO NOT forget to wear earplugs! Still sounds great and doesn't seem to spook deer anymore than a modded gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Don,t moderate it, learn to appreciate, the roar of a 270

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    I have the ASE Utra on my .270 & it tames it pretty well. I'm seriously considering leaving it off though, as I really don't like how it looks on the rifle. And in any case, I rarely fire many shots when I'm stalking so a loud bang every once in a blue moon won't be the end of the world (except for what it's pointed at, of course )

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    I have am aimsport on my sauer 270. It's quite good and light. The t8 I had was good but is heavier and can upset the balance of some rifles. It was ok on a blaser.

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    I have the Hardy Mk 4 on my .270... ultra light brilliant mod...

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