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    eney good

    looking at a tikka t3 hunter on gun trader in .222 are they eney good or are there better 222 out there prefere hevey barrel moddels ie varmint guns but having trubble purchasing one eney one got one for sale

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    The older M590/M595 are better with fewer bits of plastic.
    It is a buyers market for .222 so no need to rush.
    I would get a standard barrel rather than heavy one unless you are on the range.
    The cartridge is not demanding on the barrel.

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    thanks jack i dont like light guns jack hence the reason for somthing with a bit of waight behind it im over 6foot and some of the lighter guns look like toys in my hands im going to put a t8 and a night force scope on it and see how acurate this gun is by all acounts its meant to be very acurate and has won meney competitons in its day looking for a gun i can hang on to for meney years

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    I have on my shelf a near new condition sako 75 in .222 wood stock has a vari power scope on it .Looks brand new ,a very well looked after gun .
    do you want some pics ??
    I can ship to your local RFD if needed

    steve hunter

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    aaaaaaaaaa bugger have the new gun coming will be with me today steve id have had that off you mate thanks for the offer but to late now mate regards rob

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    no problem rob
    if i can be of any help in future please give me a shout

    steve hunter

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    well got the new gun yes i now see why the 222 gets on so well with so meney people very light recoil very acurate little gun have onley put 30rounds throe it but had a few head shot rabbits at 200yards no problem looking forward to triying it on the fox

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