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Thread: Zeiss Victory V8- Ultimate Variable scope

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    Zeiss Victory V8- Ultimate Variable scope

    Just looked at the Zeiss advert for these, anyone got one. How do they stack up against the Swaro Z6i, much of a muchness?

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    got z6is could not see much difference with the v8 if I had to buy a new scope I would not which one to pick Regards Steve

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    in the same boat sold one of my z6i's now looking at the ZM rail on the Zeiss fl x56 or ht or v8 but can't find mounts that convert the sako base to take the rail mounts and keep it as low as pos ! as the swaro was

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    recknagel do a part that fits into the optiloc base to convert it to a Zeiss rail mount. I don't know the cost of this part but saw the chap from recknagel at the Newark stalking show. The reason for knowing the above was that a customer was looking to put a V8 on a sako 85.

    Regards Jon

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    There are very few decent scope tests about so getting real information rather than just repeats of marketing blurb and magazine adverts is tricky. This is the most recent "good" double blind scope test I've seen and Zeiss came out top for optics. No Swaro though, but they are connected to Khales who did surprisingly badly if that means anything. I can't see Swaro allowing their scopes to go into a double blind test with Zeiss somehow but it really would be great if someone could get all the common stalking scopes together and apply this chap's methodology to them:

    Tactical Scopes: Optical Performance Part 1 |

    Try and read all the details of that test as there is a lot of info in there that people simply overlook, or read off the magazine advert and assume it is correct - the magnification of the S&B was interesting for example as it was nowhere near the mag range that S&B claimed.

    The truth of the matter is that all the decent big name scopes are more than adequate for UK deer stalking, I shoot sika at last light in sitka commercial forestry and have no doubt that Zeiss, Swaro, S&B (what i happen to use) and quite a few others would do the job for me. If you must have the best optics then the very few well conducted tests I've seen always put Zeiss first and I personally think Nickel are up there as well but they aren't common around these parts.
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    How would it compared to a kahles k624i

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    Personally I don't have much use for the superzooms. When I need highish top end magnifications, I don't mind if lower end is something like 4x-6x. And 1.5x isn't any more usable to me than, say, 2.5x, and then I can live with 10x-12x top end magnification just fine.

    If there was something like 1-6x42 available, low end magnification really being 1x, and good day/night illumination, I'd be much more interested.

    Nice thing about V8 is that just about all bells and whistles (like ballistic turret) are included. The glass should be a notch below HT series, though. And it's quite a handful, especially the 2.8-20x.

    And Paul, why not just go without the rail if it's proving to be problematic?

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    A massive tube for which practically no-one makes rings (except Recknagel tube scratchers) all for the sake of some extra elevation adjustment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    A massive tube for which practically no-one makes rings (except Recknagel tube scratchers) all for the sake of some extra elevation adjustment.
    I have a V8 and got my rings from Third Eye Tactical.

    I can't compare my 56mm V8 to a 56mm Swarovski, but have to a 50mm Swarovski Z6i. The V8 set on 8x and the Z6i set on 7x. The V8 has the edge at last light, by a good 5 mins.

    In comparison to a Leica Magnus 56mm the Zeiss was marginally in front on light gathering.



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