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Thread: What qualifies as 'Good deer Management'?

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    What qualifies as 'Good deer Management'?

    So as per the heading, just what is good management? is it maintaining

    a certain number of Deer per Acre? as they are transient and nomadic how does this work?

    Does it involve say culling a certain percentage of Deer each sex within a season or over a period of time?

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    Setting the correct cull for your Objectives and knowing when to stay on the cull targets and when they are not working being able to stand back and reassess.

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    What species? What sort of acreage do you have? Most deer are not nomadic they have a range that may cover more than owned by one person, so it's good if you can develope a management plan with your neighbours
    If you only have a few acres then any management plan is pretty hopeless unless you are working in conjunction with your neighbours.

    You need to work out what your ground can realistically hold and you need to work that out for when there is least food available ie winter not summer when food is abundant?
    The type of ground will also play a part depending on species , bare open ground without any cover will not hold the same as where deer have access to shelter.

    There are formulas for working out what sort of numbers you can expect to hold on any given ground, maybe time for you to do some reading up on numbers and how to manage them.

    And you are correct it's about culling a percentage across the age group of both sexes annually to keep the population stable

    Again plenty written on the subject can't really be more specific without knowing your circumstances and species concerned.

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    Thanks Bogtrotter, on my perms I have Roe & a few Muntjac, they are in small numbers and the grounds vary from 3 acres to a farm split by the M6 toll which is about 700, they are also spread far and wide from west country to the midlands, I therefore as you mentioned see little point in forming any form of long term plan, some of the most productive ground is actually the smaller acreage but only as is draws in animals from other much more open ground that surrounds it and offers them shelter and a more diverse diet, the landowners that surround me are not at all easy to contact and have shown little interest in this topic for various reasons.
    I asked the question as it seems the views on what 'Deer Management' is about vary greatly irrelevant of species, even on this forum!
    I will look into it elsewhere.


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    what has the landowner asked for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimh View Post
    what has the landowner asked for...
    On my perms..nothing at all, just that I respect the property and do not eradicate the wildlife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    On my perms..nothing at all, just that I respect the property and do not eradicate the wildlife.
    Open Deer Management then, good. 30% rule then is a start

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    RICK some nice big Reds round the M6 Toll keep your eyes open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    RICK some nice big Reds round the M6 Toll keep your eyes open.
    Now that would be a nice surprise, i will keep my eyes open & cameras up.


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    Good deer management?manage the population to the landowners needs/wants.

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