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Thread: Ziess optical wipes

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    Ziess optical wipes

    Just been to Asda 24 ziess optical wipes on offer at 1.50 really handy in the kit bag small enough for the pocket cheers TW 270

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    Same here, tried them on my binos and they certainly clean well

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    Lidl do spectacle cleaning clothes and they are excellent, much cheaper than Zeiss,


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    TW in the kit bag they'll stay too no doubt!! last time your binos got cleaned was by my fair hands!!!!

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    Ha fatty Monarman will get you a couple of boxes just to get the dust of your rifle, there worth 1.50 just to have something with ziess on in me kit Stevie you need to get out more bud TW 270

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    Can I ask, was it bought from the instore opticians or are they available elsewhere in the store? My reason for asking is that my local ASDA doesn't have an optician in store.

    many thanks.

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    We do have in store opticians but they were off the shelf in store hope this helps

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    Thanks for that, I will pick some up ASAP.

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