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Thread: family/stalking car

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    family/stalking car

    Just starting process of getting new car.

    What would people recommend as something that would work as a family car (kid, dog etc etc) and as a frequent stalking car (up to 3 fallow, use on farm tracks).

    Mid range budget - audi is almost certainly out.

    Current car is ford focus, and can't fault it but for low clearance on farm roads.

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    Best car I have been in was a Skoda 4x4 Octavia estate, in a German forest, trying to pick up a Teckel on a radio collar, went everywhere I wouldn't have pointed "car".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post

    Current car is ford focus, and can't fault it but for low clearance on farm roads.
    Focus is a great car, try a Ford Maverick its got a Mondeo lump in it, 4x4 and a fair amount of space, and you wont need to re-mortgage the house to get a low mileage one.

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    Keep the deer out of the boot, get a trailer.
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    Bite the bullet and buy one of these For Sale: Toyota Hilux Invincible 2.5l NO VAT
    4 door, 4x4, reliable, stick the dog in the back, easily takes several fallow, or maybe out of your budget?

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    I'm running a Nissan XTrail 2.2 diesel. I find it a cracking all round vehicle. Good ground clearance and bags of room inside. 39mpg urban. Had it two years now and it has been up hills, across fields and forest tracks.
    It doubles as a good family car, with all the extras inside.
    I've two dogs and they have plenty room in the back. I tow a small trailer for deer.
    Well worth considering..

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    I still like my old shape X-Trail and I've been using it as a stalking and everyday car for 5 years now - makes a good everyday car and you hardly notice that it isn't a VW Golf but so far has gone everywhere I've wanted and carried all my stalking gear, sheep dogs etc. The boot area is bigger than most of the 4WD type vehicles but this does mean that the rear leg room is maybe slightly less so something to look at but it's never been a problem for me.

    Of course it isn't a "hardy" off roader but then if it was it wouldn't be so suitable as an everyday car and it wouldn't return me 40mpg even with forest and farm track driving. The other thing to bear in mind is that in most stalking situations you are either on a track or you are in the bog and when you are in the bog only a quad or argo will do the job. Given this there is often little or no disadvantage in having a softer 4X4 over the more serious ones as they both have to stop in the same place.

    I've looked at the new shape X-Trails and don't like them and don't think they would be so suitable as a everyday/stalking crossover so I'm going to run my current one until it stops as I've just never seen anything that quite matches my needs so well as the X-Trail.

    On the down side getting AT tyres to fit if it has 17 inch wheels can be tricky, but has become easier in the last few years and although you could get 3 fallow in the boot it would probably mean taking the load cover off as they'd probably stick up a bit.

    Here are a few of the places mine gets to, nothing to difficult but I know for a fact that my VW Golf will not get to any of these places (don't ask how I know!) and I also know that only an argo or quad will get any further in most cases.

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    When I lived in the UK I ran a Volvo V50 SE. Cracking all rounder very comfortable, reasonable clearance low running costs and 50 mpg. If I do return to the UK I will probably go with the Audi A6 estate but the all road 4WD version but purchase second hand as it looks like the ultimate all rounder for those with family, commutes and enjoy country pursuits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOTSHARP View Post
    4x4 Skoda Yeti
    Not much boot-room, except with some or all of the back seats out. Space-saving spare is optional and takes up more boot-room.

    Octavia Scout estate, perhaps?

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