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Thread: What's the closest you've got to a deer then?

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    What's the closest you've got to a deer then?

    After the recently worrying thread about 'What's the longest shot etc' I have a similar question!
    What is the closest you've shot one? This is something which would impress me more than long range lunacy. I've shot several at less than 10m and recently missed a fox at about 3m! I tried to shoot it in the head and missed under its chin!
    I also stalked up on a roe buck whose head was behind a tree. The wood floor was lovely cushioned moss and the wind was perfect. He was out of season but I thought I'll see how close I can get. I got right up to it and poked it in the ass with my sticks! He looked most indignant as he leapt in the air and looked back at me. Made me chuckle for ages!

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    Shot Deer right under a highseat i was in. Probably about 2m away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sako85 View Post
    Shot Deer right under a highseat i was in. Probably about 2m away!

    Same here a few under seats and close in woodland 3-4m's, called a buck in once came in running head down think it was me or him 10m's

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    Awesome thread! The closest was to about 5 hinds and calfs in soft snow with the wind in my favour got to within 15 metres. Snow was too deep for the bipod and glad to say i didn't try a rushed shot as they twigged and shifted fast with plenty of noise!

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    Mine was a roe doe and kid, but I didn't sneak up on them, they came to me! I was sitting under a tree at dusk and as the light was just getting too dark they popped out into the clearing in front of me. It was buck season and was too dark to shoot by then anyway so I sat tight and they sauntered past me no more than 5 metres away. I felt duty bound not to scare them for some reason and didn't dare move until they had gone back into the woods behind me.


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    I took this photo of a Sika doe one night 4 or 5 years ago, distance was about 5 feet. I looked up from gralloching her buddy and she was standing looking at me. Mad, but true.

    I shot a muntjac out of a high seat a few weeks ago. Custom built 260rem rifle, Swaro Z6i 3-18x50 with turrets etc. Swaro 8x30 SLC LRF, range? 23 yards.....
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    Whilst stalking Roe Bucks last year i saw a out of season doe & decided to see how close i could get to her, I had a mate with me who had never been stalking before & we managed to get within about 10 meters of her then sat & watched her for a few minutes before she slowly moved on, She never even knew we were there. My mate couldn't believe how close we got. Needles to say he's now got the stalking bug

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    This is a better thred than how far can you shoot a deer@ my best is a young buck at 15 yards..

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    I had shot a doe by a burn in the morning. When I came back with my father and the dogs in the afternoon, we disturbed another doe. It went away about 100 yds and then came back through the brash towards me out of curiosity? Finally I could see its head sticking above the brash at about 10 yds range. I put the .243 to my shoulder and aimed above the doe's head. I then let the rifle fall and as I saw the doe in the sights I pulled the trigger.

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    spotted a doe once in the buck season and decided to stalk in closer to see if she had a boyfriend nearby, i eventually got to about 3 metres from her, sat on my backside and watched her feeding for several minutes, she eventually turned around and stood looking at me for a few seconds before barking and running off, thats one i'll never forget.

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