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Thread: Evening in a high seat

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    Evening in a high seat

    Went to the same area as last time, just decided to spend some time in a high seat. As I usually stalk I forgot to dress up well... and it was my mistake. I was soon shaking and would have probably gone home if not the deer coming out from left, right and center
    I didnt want to risk a long shot and waited for them to come my way.

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    Nice one greg looks like you have landed some nice ground mate plenty roe.Its been cold here also not great weather for the seat.

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    Thanks Dave, plenty of roe, but shorter season does ends 15/01 and bucks not starting till 11/05... long wait...

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    Nice shooting mate, nice lot of roe there, bet you were cold, it looks bloody cold there!

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    Get your self over for a week there are many that will take you out including me.

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    Over where, would love to go?

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    nice shooting again greg ,atb doug,

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    well done greg still puting them down

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    always look forward to your next vid

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    Thanks, that was filmed in Poland. It was about -10C I think.

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