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Thread: tikka m65a magazine

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    tikka m65a magazine

    does anyone know of any gunsmith that could make a replacement magazine for a tikka m65a ,any help would be appreciated

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    Second-hand Tikka M65A - Shooting UK

    If you haven't already seen this it's well worth reading. Most people haven't seen the M65A as it wasn't ever on general sale but a few have appeared on the secondhand market.

    It's an odd looking hybrid of the M55 & M65, and quite unlike either. The M65A uses the M55 5-shot single stack magazine so this is the one you're after. You'll notice from yours that it's pressed steel and very strong.

    The M65 is a longer & stronger action for .30/06 & magnum caridges (+ .308 too!). The M65 stock is broached for a broader magazine well, which is fitted with a 5-shot (or 4-shot magnum) staggered box magazine.

    Apologies for the squashed up text. It's the encrypted browser I'm using - not me or the SD site
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    You could give Gordon Smith at Colpy Aberdeenshire a bell he might just have what your
    after Tel: 01464 841308

    Atb, Buck.
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    thanks for the response

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    thanks for the info ,I have now sourced mags in Finland,but will phone Aberdeen as I won't complain if I can get 2
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    Thanks for the acknowledgment as most don't bother.

    Post if you have any luck, or not. There've been quite a few posts from owners of early Tikka's looking for spare magazines.

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    have found a dealer in Finland that does all sorts of magazines ,web address is .he has a shed load of stuff ,

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    There is a guy I know here in Australia who makes them up to 10 shot that I have seen. Very good work too. I have an M55 17 rem and while looking for mags found his product.

    BTW, I am also looking for an M65A rifle in good+ condition if anyone knows of where/who

    I just joined so cant PM


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