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Thread: .308 mauser action

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    .308 mauser action

    For sale is my .308.

    This is a commercial short action mauser action with swept back and checkered bolt handle. Cycles smooth as anything.

    Comes with timney Featherweight deluxe trigger.

    European style stock, front sight but no rear sight leaf. Hinged floor plate.

    Sling not included.

    The Mauser 98 action bears the inscription 'forest' as it's only mark. I have traced this to be either a very early Waffen Frankonia build by Steyr for WF, or an early Zastava, or a very early Sako frontrunner to the Forester, built by FN in Herstal.

    It literally cloverleafs 150g RWS SP's factory ammo. The bore is in decent condition (there is a touch of pitting in two places in bottom of grooves, but nothing in the lands). This does not affect accuracy as it literally is a tack driver. The rifling is very proud and I suspect it has thousands of rounds left in it.

    I have glass bedded the front of the action and it sports a nice floating barrel. The front swivel is secured by a rear locking nut. Crown is good

    Bolt face does not have pitting or gas cutting.

    Bluing is 8/10

    it comes with a leupold 1 piece base and a leupold vx1 4-12x40 in great condition.

    Looking for 435 + P&P w/o scope.Attachment 51776Attachment 51777
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    Don't supose you've got any RWS cases for sale have you. Pm if you have please.

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    Sorry Ian_b, They're being re-used. Rifle could be yours though

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    rifle could be sold for 500 posted without scope or mounts of course.

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    I may have a few hundred once fired rws cases in 308 if interested

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    most likely sold above asking price believe it or not! will notify if not happening, but do let me know if further interest in case sale falls through.

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    Ok, still for sale at 650.

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    Scope no longer for sale, but can leave base and rings on.

    Rifle, base, rings, and can include 50 nosler partition bullets in 150g - 435 + 15 P&P.

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    alternative idea if anyone is interested is a rebarrel on this fine action, complete stock restoration and re-finish, new recoil pad, potentially leather covered, laser weld the scope mount holes and fit new ones. sounds crazy perhaps but the action itself is worth near 500 so would be a perfect candidate for a swifty european style rifle for roe or similar. Being short action, it's limited to 7mm mauser or less of course.

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    What's the barrel length?

    And I can't quite work out the stock alignment. Does it drop away?

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