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Thread: Add on to Roedinator's post

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    Add on to Roedinator's post

    As Pete has already said in his post, it was a great weekend with Wayne and Andy, it always is. They never fail to come up with the goods and as I have said in a previous post, if you are lucky enough to get an invite off these guy's grab it

    I had not been half an hour in the high seat with Wayne before he pointed out a Muntjac buck just coming out of cover, right where he had been telling me he had seen it a time before.

    Only about sixty or so yards out so not a difficult shot Wayne said take the shot so I did. Through the scope I saw the little chap take a step forward just as my brain sent the message to my trigger fingure. Shot him high and back, I dont need to explain the rest.

    The next day I was on Fallow with Wayne and we got within 250/60yds of eleven, mainly youngsters which was good. I wanted to get in closer so belly crawl was the order off the day. As we were closing the gap out popped a pricket from the wood, Wayne said take it so at about sixty yards I put the dot on the lungs and squeezed off.
    Dropped to the shot, reloaded and watched through the scope then swung back on group but they were off on there holidays, in Pete's direction we hoped.

    Went to deal with our pricket and found we had nothing to deal with. F**k it now what. We spent best part of an hour looking for the pricket, signs of a wounded pricket, hair and or blood from the pricket but nothing.
    We came to the conclusion that I had creased the spine and that was why it flat packed so quickly, both thinking it was a done deal we had moved back to the other group. Misstake. Neither off us had seen the pricket recover and run into the wood.

    After the post mortem we decided the rifle needed to go onto paper, how could I miss the engine room at 60yds.

    Back to Wayne's got on paper and found the rifle was shooting 7" high at 100yds
    The barrel on my Rem 700 is 20" long and the T8 mod is very close to the end of the stock and unbeknown to me was touching the stock ,so screwing the barrel harmonic's up and causing the drastic elevation change.

    Removing the mod every time after use had caused the bushing to back out enough to touch the stock and cause the problem. Removed the bushing for the time being, re zeroed and job done.
    Back out with Andy that evening and bagged a nice pricket and finished the day off a treat. Even better when we met up with Wayne and Pete and were told Pete had bagged two. How did it go Pete, " if I had one s**t you would have to have two"

    Thanks again Wayne, Andy and Chris for a great "piss taking weekend", I deserved every bit of it

    Pete, always good to be in your company, sorry I cant make April on your ground but us poor old thatcher's need to be getting reed on roof, money in the bank and all that



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    Happens doesn't it? Usually when you're on someone else's patch! If there's something touching or affecting the barrel it's amazing how far off it can send the rounds. Had the same happen to me, but the cause was a a broken heather stem jammed between the floated stock and the barrel. Until I sussed it out that had me scratching my head for a while.

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    Cheers David

    A very honest account of the weekend,

    I woundn't of told HONEST

    I should have know better as I said after when it dropped that quick it did cross my mind for a brief second, I just thought it was a bit high and returned to the other bunch. Lesson Learnt

    Whats this about you not coming in April cant you cope with us three again dont worry mate Chris wont be along to take the p*ss again

    thanks for the company mate always a pleasure.


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    hi mate
    As waynes allready stated good honest post it happens to us all sometimes
    It just makes it worse when your with a bunch of piss takers like us
    shame about april just means more chinese for us
    your allways welcome down here with us mate just get a few more hours
    in on the roofs so you can afford a BLASER to bring down
    MR DAVIES tells me you cant miss with one of them will see
    regards pete .

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    Great post Max

    Good honest info like that im sure will have had a few members taking a look at their rifles..

    Glad it came good for you in the end


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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