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Thread: Costs of tree planting

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    Costs of tree planting

    What does it cost to plant an acre of open spaced small trees, suitable for game bird holding cover ?

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    Depends on specification....

    1.2m tree shelters @ 2.5m spacing - say 1600

    Open planted trees @ 2m spacing, deer fenced - say 2700

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotspine View Post
    Depends on specification....

    1.2m tree shelters @ 2.5m spacing - say 1600

    Open planted trees @ 2m spacing, deer fenced - say 2700
    Thanks for that, any more estimates or info/opinions on this type of thing appreciated.

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    Have you considered Kale or such like?
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    It's a piece of ground that needs some roosting cover, there is usually some form of game crop nearby. There are also other areas that had woodland clear felled a couple of years ago that need replaced, waiting on land owner to honour his word, and stop pleading poverty...

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    What size are you wanting to plant, whips, standards, semi's? I think any of these will take some time to get to a size that will offer any form of roosting opportunity for even the smallest of birds

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    The land owner assured us, a fair while ago, that he had taken advice from a local sporting estate on what to plant, and that it would take 5- 6 years to offer suitable cover. Is this a bit unrealistic ? If planted in the right area it would be next to existing mature stuff which the birds do roost in, so would initially offer a form of holding cover ?
    All advice gratefully accepted.

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    I'd consider biomass willow, up to 4m in first year, also do some parts with reed canary grass for nesting cover. I recently got 1000 cuttings for just 109 from yorkshire willow for some of my fields and for 'buck attractants'

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    Where about are you? It's quite likely that you would be eligible for grant aid to plant your area. It needn't cost you much at all. Contact your local forestry commission area office (in England) or conservancy office (in Scotland).

    I believe the planting schemes are closed at the moment but should be going again by the summer. You won't plant anything until the autum now anyway.
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    The biomass willow growing that fast could be a good option if the area were more sheltered, I've seen the willow that was planted locally for harvesting and then not getting harvested for some reason, growing at all angles due to the wind. It does hold birds, but I don't think they roost there, they tend to go back to the bordering woods.
    I'll look into the forestry grants and see if I can put some convincing figures together to convince the landowner.

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