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Thread: Hello from me....

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    Smile Hello from me....

    Hi All, this is the difficult bit the introduction. Been into shooting from an early age, love all forms of shooting and country sports and just being outside. Living in South Wales (thats 2 of us introducing ourselves tonight from Wales). Been into stalking properly for the last 6 years only Fallow so far but looking forward to picking your brains on the other species and home loading. I have a Sako 75 243 and a Sako Finfire 22lr lovely rifles that i get on with. Have a couple of labs and a crazy springer (sounded like a good idea at the time) all 3 are my shooting buddies. Lucky to have a few good friends that must be fed up to the back teeth of me talking about shooting!!! now i have found your website they might start asking me back out for a beer ha ha.

    Look forward to chatting with you, you sound a good bunch.


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    Welcome. Its a great site.

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    another taff welcome whereabouts you live

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    sunny aberbargoed not

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    Ha ha are you as overun with deer as we are in Merthyr?

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    just sheep and hoodies everywhere lol

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    Orr-aye, BJS. Apologies for the delay in welcoming a fellow Cymro.

    Best regards from deer ridden Cardiff (not)
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Hi Iwrch,

    diolch yn fawr ffrind, now the admission, i am an import from over the bridge but married to a lovely welsh girl been here since. Picked up the odd phrase and saying whilst in the post office que. Have seen your posts on SD, obviously one with a sense of humour ha. So does your scope have Parallax?

    How is/was poland?

    I see you are as overun with deer as PaulT and myself are ha.

    Is there ever a welsh get together?

    Nice to hear from you


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