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Thread: 2015 Black dot of doom

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    2015 Black dot of doom

    Thought I'd kick start a new dot of doom thread for 2015 with the first shots from Wapinschaw lifted from the other thread followed by my effort today!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wapinschaw View Post
    Shot this morning in cold and blustery weather at Aberdeen Full Bore Gun Club Drums 100yd range, Newburgh, Aberdeen. Tikka 595 in .243 Winchester, 80gr Speer SP, 40gr N140. Schmidt & Bender 8 x 56, dot obscured by reticule! Resting on range bag and rolled up jacket. My stalking is mostly woodland, very few prone shots so I don't fit a bipod. I just use a stick, rest on a tree, rock or whatever is around.

    Attachment 51367
    Myself, I'd been out for a stalk with no success so decided to check my rifle after a pull through rather than a full on clean.

    1st shot up left ish cold clean barrel and next 2 ding dong using the .308 off quad sticks with cheap old rubbishy PPU 165gr SP's!

    So 6 shots so far with a 50% strike rate in the dot. It can only go one way from here!!

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    That's certainly "Top Darts" Stratts, really nice shooting!
    I went out today for a walk about with the 270 and decided to show myself up by having a go. I was using my Parker Hale Safari (.270) with Norma 130g SP ammunition. The range was a good 100 paces and I was shooting off my tripod sticks. I have to say that a 1 inch dot looks awful small and hard to find when in a field covered in nearly a foot of snow, but Hey Ho that just adds to the "challenge"!
    The first two shots (Marked 1 & 2) showed that the scope was putting the shots about 1/2 inch below the "Black Dot" (A 1" Birchwood Casey Shoot and See "Dot") so rather than adjust the scope I compensated by an inch but unfortuinately pulled the third shot slightly righ (Marked 3)t. I then adjusted the scope and tried a 4th shot which clipped the 1" Dot (Marked 4) so I am quite happy with that.
    I will have another try another day and see if I can improve on these results but even so each shot would have resulted in a clean kill on either a fox or a deer.
    I do have some video footage which I will upload after editing it.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Strats nice work feller , FB your meant to use a rifle not Buck shot lol
    mind you i an't done mine yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    Strats nice work feller , FB your meant to use a rifle not Buck shot lol
    mind you i an't done mine yet
    Yes Paul, I know what you mean, it's not the best of shooting which I happily admit to, even if all 4 shots would certainly have been a very dead fox or deer!
    Mind you, I'm sure you know that old saying - "The proof of the pudding is in the eating".
    Let's see how others who take on this "challenge" fare.

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    If I remember correctly, the rules are that it's your first three shots at 100m on a one inch dot, shot as you usually would in the field, right? If that's correct, I may have a go at it when I'm next in Bisley for a range day, when you're allowed to muck about a bit (in a safe manner, obviously...).

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    Yup sure will do , but waiting for the new V8 to come, so here is one i did lest year load testing sorry not quite on target Attachment 51978 and i dropped 1 out and it won't count as there is 7 in there off the bonnet

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    should wear a cap like everyone else paul not a bonnet!!!

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    hay no one said anything about me and my dress code but it could be worse

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    How come my threads always end up with pictures of people wearing silly attire!?!
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    Re-scoped the .270 today, so thought I'd have a go at this & post my efforts. I zero about 1 1/2" high at 100 yards, but forgot the point was to get rounds in the dot

    150 yards off sticks, 130gr Federal Powershok
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20150123_142835.jpg  

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