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Thread: Pulsar apex xd50 thermal scope

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    Pulsar apex xd50 thermal scope

    Here i have for sale the latest thermal scope on the market,this is a day and night scope and is brand new,the warranty has not even been registered so comes with full warranty.the cost of the unit and power pack is close to 4000 so id like offers around 3500 but i am in the market for a good set of binos with inbuilt range finder.
    For more info or just a chat send me a e mail and ill give you my phone number.
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    Would be Interested, but unfortunately not at that price, they are 3699 euro (roughly 2800) brand new from optics-world in the Netherlands.... If you are willing to drop the price in comparison we can talk..

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    Do that Optics World ship to Uk with warranty etc. Not being sarcy just curious

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    Pretty sure you would be able to ship it back to them if there were a fault while under warranty. Should check with them first. None the less if you pay with your credit card and it becomes faulty, the CC company is liable under section 75... so either way you would get your money back..

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    this is a uk purchased unit from swillington shooting supplies and comes with full receipt so no quibbles with warranty at all.

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    SOLD thanks everyoneeveryone

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