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    Swedteam Trousers


    does anyone have recommendations from their own use on Swedteam trousers ?

    I currently use Beretta trousers when nippy but apparently there is a bit of a 'swish' when walking (my partial deafness hasnt picked it up). Otherwise a pair of military windproofs but a little chilly in this weather.

    Cant justify Harkila to myself on price, though have tried on and are the best quality Ive seen, though Harkil's opinion of a 36in waist and every other make in the world are somewhat different.

    Willing to consider other brands too if quiet, windproof and warm with a high back so builder's bum isnt an issue... For example - Outfox or Deerhunter ?


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    Just get a pair of wind stopper fleece trousers from an outdoors shop and wear your windproofs over the top save yourself a fortune. I have Harkila trousers and in my opinion (others will no doubt disagree) they are well made but ain't worth the money..... I'm not too precious about them as I didn't pay for them though, and the knees leak.

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    They are hard wearing and long lasting but not in the slightest water resistant. Button poppers will detatch after time and the are a bit low in the waist due to shrinkage.
    Mine are 6 years old and well used but still intact.

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    now that IS an excellent idea, cheers

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    Outfox were doing their Perfomance trouser (made for them by Schoffel) - 250 reduced to 60 +p&p which may tick all the boxes.
    Includes a zip-in thinsulate liner, a separate zip-in scent block, waterproof/breathable with braces too......and you can order by talking to a person!

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    Never had Swed Team but by all accounts very good. Swillington Shooting Supplies are doing Harkila Ontario trousers at 119 (over 100 off) plus the no longer made Rcoon at 179 down from 299. I got a pair and they are excellent. Goretex, silent and comfortable.

    If you look on Teamwild outfitters website they were doing outfox (Schoffel) at 59.95. I queried why they were so cheap and its because they are trying to break into the market over here so they used these trousers as they were confident in their quality. Should be over 200 normally.

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    Thanks to LOKI for the pointer on Outfox frrom teamwild. Bought a pair. Was tempted by Harkila Ontario from Swillington but then realised I would have to diet until the summer to fit into the size available !

    I am happy to update on performance of Outfox once arrived.

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    the other one i would look at are Norrona trousers, lots of different types but the ones to get i think are the Svalbard Mens Heavy Duty Hybrid Pants. look at Tamarak Outdoors website, they sell for a good price

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    +++++++1 on the outfox trousers. I've had a pair for a couple of months and I really can't fault them, especially for the money. Santa brought me another pair and I've just stocked up on 2 more. Should last me for a long, long time but I'd recommend them to anyone.


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