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Thread: Redfield 4x wideview

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    Redfield 4x wideview

    A true classic here!

    Redfield 4x wideview.

    Scope clean, lenses clean. there are IMHO, a couple Attachment 51862Attachment 51863Attachment 51864Attachment 51865tiny wee marks from previous mounting nothing that stands out of the ordinary on used scopes.

    There is a tiny wee scratch and dink on the front left behind the objective bell. Nothing that affects the scope and a tiny drop of cold blue woud hide it. It's visible in one of the pictures.

    Comes with leather covers, just needs some new elasticated string for them.

    Not coming with the rings. Rings are off but not on picture as they were taken prior to getting around to it.

    75 posted to UK mainland.

    *Please note that a SD member currently with an enquiry has first dips on this scope. The gentleman will have until this evening to confirm if sale going ahead, so feel free to post your wishes to purchase should it not go ahead.

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    Thanks for calling me a gentleman! I have my heart set on 6x so I'll pass on this one.

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    Ok no probs, therefore available to the public as of now.

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