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Thread: spare mags

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    spare mags

    have found a web site in Finland that does all sorts of mags ,for old stuff and new stuff , well worth a try , is the web , once you have found your mag click on the link send an email with what your after , you can pay via pay pal ,

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    A few links here. That makes an M55 5-shot magazine at today's Euro rate £96 plus P&P, and any VAT & Excise Duty payable.


    Convert Euros (EUR) and Pounds Sterling (GBP): Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator
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    sako are still an arm and two legs !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    sako are still an arm and two legs !!
    I knew somebody who lost the bolt for his Sako and it cost him MORE than a new rifle to have it replaced.
    Go figure.

    Also, if you want a mag for any of the Brno or CZ rifles you can buy them direct from CZ at very competitive prices.
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