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Thread: Stalking Directory Trophy/Range day

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    Stalking Directory Trophy/Range day

    Hi all,
    apologies if this has been put forward before but how feasible do members think a competition shoot or range day would be? I know the BDS holds range days nationwide and shoot comps using simulated field positions. We could offer a SD trophy and maybe raise some money for H4H or similar?
    Any views?

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    Sounds good to me having read the long range carry on could i recomend a fixed range of 200 yards in old money and the sniper squad would have to use .22rf just to make things even,I hope something could be put together

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    There was something similar done for H4H on 2008, from this site, it developed into a March and Shoot with a Raffle and Auction, carrying 35lbs (Simulated a good Roe) and Stalking rifle. The range was at Minsterley and they donated the range for an hour. There was then a BBQ and severy pints drunk.

    Plenty was raised, needed lots of Administration to do though.

    A simple range day, I could see being popular, location would be the issue though, although, people would travel I'm sure and make a weekend out of it.


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    Huberts doing one at Bowscar see if he can incorperate it.

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    Yes , I am familiar with the march & shoot and that it was an admin nightmare, so I guess a range day would be much easier to arrange. It would be preferrable to have courses of fire specific to us I think rather than piggyback on someone elses. I understand geography to be an issue which means there may have to be a north and south venue.

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    I think its a good idea. However I would mention that the SD site fully supports H4H charity, but is not going to get involved with direct fundraising for H4H, but we will support any fundraising activities as much as possible.

    I think we would need to have a north and south shoot as suggested. I will find out what the old man of the north has to say about it all. JAYB where are you !!!!

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    Oh I'm here watching, never fear, I'm not even sure that there will not need to be several Norths and likewise Souths.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Anybody for a 'West 'n' Wales' at Severnside?
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch View Post
    Anybody for a 'West 'n' Wales' at Severnside?
    what about crown house 200yds inside range

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    I would love to try these courses of fire, what do others think?

    The two classic rifle tests are the Rifle Ten and the Rifle Bounce. When either is combined with a snap shot drill they constitute a pretty complete test of one's skill. With these courses, unless indicated otherwise, the shooter starts with the rifle loaded and slung on the shoulder or at port arms, with the bipod, if any, closed.
    Rifle Ten
    This is one of the classic drills used by Jeff Cooper. A single. target is placed at 300 yards. There are five firing points, one each at 300, 275, 250, 225, and 200. The shooter stands clear of his firing point at 300 yards.
    On signal the shooter moves to the firing point , assumes any position he chooses and engages the 300 yard target with two rounds. He immediately moves to the 275 yard position firing two more shots, then advances to the 250 yard position, fires two more rounds, and then to the 225 yard position where a 2 foot high baffle precludes prone or supine position and fires two more rounds. He the moves to the 200 yard position where a 3 foot high screen eliminates any position but off hand or standing and fires two rounds.
    Score is based upon the hit values divide by your time in minutes, with a par time of 2 minutes. To prevent someone throwing away the two 200 yard shots you can use a separate target for the 200 yard stage. The option target is scored 5, 4, 2. A score of 40 in two minutes is considered very good.
    Snap Shot Test
    Target is at 25 yards. Shooter stands ready in condition 1, with butt on hip and is allowed 1.5 seconds to make a head shot. This is repeated for a total of 5 shots. Shooter then moves back to 50 yards where the exercise is repeated with the same time limits but this time shooting for a center of mass 10" ring. You can also try this at 100 yards allowing 2 seconds. Misses score -10.
    Rifle Bounce
    This course is best run using steel reactive targets like the "pepper popper" with a 8" center. The shooter is limited to firing a total of 6 rounds.
    Three firing points are set up side by side about between 2 and 3 yards apart, with the targets placed at 100, 200, and 300 yards. The shooter starts at the first firing point and on signal engages the 100 yard target until it is knocked down. He then moves to the 200 yard firing point and engages the target until it is knocked down, and then moves to the 300 yard position and engages the target until it is knocked down. Any shooting positions may be utilized (or alternatively a different position may be required at each firing point), but the shooter is limited to firing only 6 rounds total. The score is the time it takes to hit all 3 targets. If all three targets are not hit, no score is given. An excellent score is all hits in 20 seconds or less with the current record being about 11 seconds.
    The Plate Test
    Here is a quick and easy to run test. As with all these tests it should be run cold, that is no sighters, and no warm-up. Just load and start shooting.
    Put a 10" paper plate (if you have access to a 10" steel plate that's even better) at 100 yards. Start from standing with the rifle in "Condition 1" and slung. On signal fire 10 rounds from any position at the paper plate. Time limit is 2 minutes. For rifles with a magazine capacity of over 5 rounds only load 5 initially.
    For every miss you have to give to charity. (Incentive not to miss!) A variation is to use 2 paper plates, one at 100 yards and one at 200 yards. Fire 5 rounds at 100 yards and the 5 rounds at 200 yards, in the same 2 minute time limit.
    Scoring goes like this
    1 to 2 hits - Have your eyes, ammo and gun checked; in that order.
    3 to 4 hits - You need more time at the range.
    5 to 6 hits - You're an average shooter but keep trying.
    7 to 8 hits - You're better than most.
    9 to 10 hits - You've been just won!
    For the real braggarts in your group place the paper plate at 300 yards. Have the shooter stand with the rifle in "Condition 1." and slung. On signal have them engage the paper plate from any position with 1 shot. Time limit is 7 seconds. If the shooter misses, lunch is on him.

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