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Thread: Land Rover Defenders.

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    Land Rover Defenders.

    Looking to buy a few Defender Tdi/TD5 for cash. No heavily modded or accessorised but nice straight standard examples.

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    I've got a 300tdi P reg 90 station waggon (not a county) in red 136,000 miles on the clock in at the moment for a customer. It will be for sale after I have fitted a cross member, both tubular out riggers and a small chassi repair. It is totally original and un molested if you would like me to get a price for you?

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    Please do by PM.

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    I will have a word with the guy who owns it and put you in touch

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    Hi top Member

    You should have no problem at all with this as I'm reliably informed by SD that they are total carp and therefore may be acquired for "not a lot of money".

    Keep us posted please.



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    Got two already and need two more. "Never mess wi' scrap laddie".

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