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Thread: Just a few more days to go

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    Just a few more days to go

    Buck seasons nearly upon us once more and I was wondering if some calls work better than others in different parts of the country during the rut. ( Some time off I know)

    Some guys I know just use a blade of grass to squeek them out of the thicket , I have had numerous success with A Butaloe call and I have tried others without any response whatso ever, I have even had them running up to me within 10ft in response to the Butaloe call has anyone got any other device to bring them out in the open or do you consider such to be un sportsmanlike as i am aware that some stalkers think it is.
    So chaps whats your views

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    i have not tried this but have always wondered about the scent the amercans use in usa to bring out the deer
    has any one tried that
    also i have noticed on one shoot a mix of grain and fruit and rock salt
    i know that the african hunters use rock salt in africa to draw the deer out

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    The butaloe is the only one I have used personally, though I have a Belgian client who uses a beech leaf to great affect.

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