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Thread: which action for 6.5-284

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    which action for 6.5-284


    If i wanted to build a 6.5-284 what calibers would best be suited for a donor action? Would a long action suit best and if so what should i be looking for. Would a 30-06, 270 be ok? Any help appreciated as always


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    My brothers pal had his done from his .25-06 once he shot it out ....
    Long action yes .... Wouldn't like to say which calibres ... Will leave that to the gunsmiths here ..


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    Tikka 695 action .270/30.06 etc would suit it well.

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    Mine is built on a Weatherby Mk V action

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    I have a winchester mod 70 in 270 available quite cheap. Perfect for the chop!

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    Easiest will be anything that was a 30-06 or a cartridge based on the 30-06.

    Nice choice of cartridge by the way

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    definitely a long action.. there are a few who will say you can do it on a short action, but its not practical and an utter ball ache.

    Ive been round this buoy with the same calibre a few years back.. As for make/model, i'd be looking at things such as availability of mounts for that action type, need for replacement triggers vs. availability of them, need for replacement stocks, and again the availability.

    IME Sako 75 (action IV) is awesome in the respect its well built, great trigger and a great mag system that feeds such likes of a 6.5x284. Cons with this, limited mounting options, limited S/H custom stocks to fit.

    Remington 700s pros is that you can accessorise as much as you want with ease, cons are that you need to because the trigger and some of the stocks on remmys can leave a lot to be desired.

    Tikka (pre T3s) have similar pros and cons to the sakos for obvious reasons..

    If money isnt a huge issue, i'd be looking at some of the custom actions, Stiller predators are easy to get hold of, are a remington clone and well made. only thing i add, which again is my own experience is that a custom action generally doesnt bring anything to the overall rifle other than looking nice and being well made. It has little affect on accuracy (with the type of cal you're looking at..).

    I would be looking for a remmy 700 and have the action blueprinted if you really wanted to, or a sako75 if your not a tackle tart..

    Im sure you'll choose wisely, after all you have already picked the superior calibre!

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    You can do it with a short action as it's based on the .284, but the main reason to neck the 7mm down to 6.5mm is to make use of the longer VLD bullets for long range shooting. Set the COAL at 2.9" to fit in a short action and those VLD's take up too much powder space as they sit too far back into the cartridge. Use a long action and you can seat the bullets for 3.1" COAL and get max velocity with the additional powder volume you can use.
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    In terms of non-custom production actions, the most recent FN Winchester Model 70 in standard length action would be pretty much as good as it gets. It is essentially a slightly worked over Mauser 98. The next step up would be a custom M98. I own a recent FN W70 Super Grade re-bored for .338-06 A-Square and I've owned many pre-64 and post-64 Model 70s, and no doubt the most recent ones are the best to date.

    The problem with many of the recent custom actions is that they are great for bench work (varminting, target shooting, etc.), but often their tolerances are so tight that can make them unreliable and unsuitable for the field. I know, I know. It's not like you're rolling around the mud with your guns--this isn't trench warfare. But the truth is it doesn't take much to make one malfunction. I've seen frost buildup bung up a bench rest action once...

    Of course not all are created equal and there are many very good custom actions out there as well as push feed production actions. Totally serviceable.

    Nevertheless, over 100 years old and Paul Mauser's action is still considered the best designed action for the field rifle. Custom makers will make refinements, but the essential design is the same as is with the Winchester 70. You won't find another bolt action in the catalogues of the best rifle makers.
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    Ive built several 6.5x284's and am on my third barrel in my own stalking rifle in this calibre.

    Long action as other have said is the way to go.

    Prefered actions if using donor rifle - Tikka T3, 690, 695, Sako 61, AV, 75 and 85 in long action calibre and of course the Rem 700.

    If building custom, then id be looking at Borden Timberline then compare the rest to that..

    6.5x284 is inherently accurate, smooth recoil and will handle most bullet weights in .264" providing you have the appropriate twist rate and don't go much above 142g bullet weight.

    It excels using 140g and a 8 twist barrel...

    Barrel life, well your looking at 1200 accurate rounds (ish)

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