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Thread: UK distributor for Stoney Point

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    UK distributor for Stoney Point

    Last night the rubber foot and the insert with the spike came off my Polecats in some very deep mud, it was a quagmire, so no chance of ever finding it.

    Does anybody know of the UK distributor to contact for a replacement?



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    Stoney Point was acquired by Michael's of Oregon - ie "Uncle Mike's" - who was subsequently acquired by Bushnell Outdoor Products.

    Bushnell have a UK optics office:
    Unit C83 Barwell
    KT9 2NY
    0208 391 4700

    or try Edgar Brothers, their UK Distie
    Unit 3 Heather Close
    Lyme Green Business Park
    SK11 0LR
    01625 613177

    Might help, might not!
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    My local cobblers sell walking pole ferrules which have a larger footprint than the originals. Much better and a couple if pounds each. Fitting is easy.

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