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Thread: Stay safe!

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    Stay safe!

    I've just read the Sheriffs findings regarding the Borders 'keeper killed when his rifle discharged as he placed it in a vehicle, despite the safety catch being applied.

    'In his written findings, Sheriff Drummond said Mr Donaldson's bolt action rifle
    was prone to accidental discharge when dropped butt-first with the safety catch

    Arguments as to how & why it happened could go back & forth all day, but this sad case highlights the importance of both safe practise and maintenance of your gear, and also shows how quickly even the faintest amount of complacency can lead to tragedy

    Stay safe, folks

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    Should never have a loaded weapon in a vehicle or rely on a safety catch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    Should never have a loaded weapon in a vehicle or rely on a safety catch.

    Never? I often sit in the vehicle with a loaded rifle - it's usually pointed out of the window though waiting for Charlie

    There are other circumstances where I also have loaded firearms in the vehicle. It's not about "never" it's about knowing the state of the weapon, having it in good condition, muzzle awareness and a whole host of safety measures. As you say though don't take the safety catch as a fool proof safety feature.
    However accidents can happen and unfortunately in this case with a tragic outcome

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    That's very true. The main thing I would say is muzzleawareness. That way, if you are unlucky enough to experience the perfect stormof circumstances or events that lead to an unintended discharge, at least youcan be fairly sure that the worst you'll get is a fright and a damn goodlesson

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    It is one thing sitting in car with the rifle out of the window & loaded.

    It is quite another thing to get into a car with it loaded, which is asking for trouble in my book. It is just like crossing a fence, where the sensible make the effort to unload, cross & reload; those that that can't be bothered are the ones that get hurt or hurt others.

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    The man was killed because he had a loaded weapon in his vehicle, that is why I said never have a loaded weapon in the vehicle. Out the window in a safe direction is a totally different thing.

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    To be pedantic, I'd argue that he was killed because he was unfortunate enough to place himself in front of the muzzle. Blame doesn't come into it now as the poor guy's dead, so despite temptation there's no point in arguing the rights & wrongs of whether the rifle should've been loaded in the vehicle or not. At the end of the day, it should serve as a reminder to all of us that safe practice should ensure our muzzles are pointing in a safe direction at all times

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    Years ago, some said, there were cases of people shooting themselves in the heart when crossing barbed wire fences. There then would follow a dispute between the dead perspn's insurers and the dead person's family as to if this was an accident (resulting in an insurance payout) or a suicide (no insurance payout). It was always an unpleasantness.

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