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Thread: I am looking deer stalking experience in Ire,

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    I am looking deer stalking experience in Ire,

    Hi guys I was just wondering anyone on this forum do much stalking in Ireland and would be willing to take me out on a days stalking for the experience? I am not bothered about using firearms but if allowed that's great. I am just trying to build up experience .I have my DSC 1 but the deer are very limited around where I live. I hope over time to work up to get my DCS 2 but I need to build up plenty of experience before I go for it.
    Or do you know any guys who my be fit to help me?
    I suppose from my side I don't have much to offer but I am working on a few permissions north and south and if I get them you could try them out to return the favour.
    Any advice or help appreciated.

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    Hi Hillclimber,

    BASC has got a stalking scheme running at Baronscourt Estate in NI as long as your a member of BASC you pay a 30 registration to BASC and a 120 stalking fee to the estate it is all on the BASC web site under deer stalking schemes may be worth a look for experience for you

    best of luck
    Paul D

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    Hi Paul
    Thanks alot for that any help at all is appreciated. I will check it out on the Web cheers.
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