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Thread: Maximum Caliber !!

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    Maximum Caliber !!

    My ticket has to go in for a change of address and I have a space to do a one for one variation. Now I have access to Reds and Sika and possibly boar and already have a .308 which yes yes is fine but..... the deer are always near dense sitka.

    How big can you get granted for the like of red deer and boar. Who's got the biggest load

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    I was told when I had my .375H&H that if I could show evidence of shooting Reds I could have had it for use in the UK. It was a very nice calibre too and I'd say there's little point going any bigger. Same trajectory pretty much as a heavy .270 load but with an extra 100grns of bullet! I only shot one Deer with it but it was a nice round. If I could have it back I'd be on it like a shot! For its size it's quite accurate. Inch groups at 100, enough power to drop an Elephant and the recoil is so slow you wont notice you're firing it (well maybe a bit but nothing like a .300 Win Mag)!

    I'm currently discussing a .338 Win Mag with my force and it's looking promising even without the Reds.

    EDIT... Don't think they wont still run! My Whitetail did a 100 yard sprint with a grapefruit sized hole where his heart used to be!
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    I don't know anything about Boar, but your.308 will stop any species of Deer as well as any of the bigger calibres.

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    .416 Rem for reds only. (Never actually shot a deer with it but its accounted for one buff and 3 zebra)

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    .416 rem...... bigggg

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    A friend of mine had a 45/70 on his FAC for deer (don't think he ever shot one with it though - trajectory like a rainbow!).


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    9.3x62 is the perfect boar round. It will certainly do a job on Reds and Sika also.

    .366 cal 286gr bullet at 2400-2500FPS.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    9.3x62 will stop boar OK very popular in Europe but a bit much for our deer species, doubt if a lot of our firearm departments
    will put it on certificate for the UK, very similar performance to the 338-06,

    I say I doubt that you will get it on ticket for UK I applied for a visitors permit for European client who wished to use it on Red Stags, he also had a 7z64 on his European pass they would grant visitors permit for 7x64 but not the 9.3x62

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    My biggest currently is the 8X68s Weatherby Mk.5 which has 4195 foot/pounds of energy at the spout using the 187gr copper-hollowpoint bullet.
    My fully open ticket would allow me to pop a crow if I wished but it is not a pleasant cartridge to fire.
    I took it to Africa on my first visit but chickened out and took the relatively mild .300 Win.Mag. for the second visit.


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    I also have an 8x68S for deer and boar.
    I have had a moderator fitted which has successfully tamed it.
    It is capable of launching a 200g bullet at 3000ft/sec but I have backed it off to 2800ft/sec to make recoil even more manageable.
    This is a hard hitting, flat shooting calibre which will deal with anything other than the biggest and most dangerous game.

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