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Thread: Sauer 101 Classic XT 308 Ammo Advice

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    Sauer 101 Classic XT 308 Ammo Advice

    Going to be buying a Sauer 101Classic XT in 308 and would like some advice about what make/weight factory ammo people have experience of please. Good or Bad.


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    So far, I have not found any .308 ammunition which my Sauer 200 will not shoot into small groups. So I would recommend starting out with some cheap stuff, like PPU 150-gr, and work up. Don't know the prices there, but the vanilla Remington CoreLokt 150 and 165, the same for the Federal blue box, and the Winchester Super X, are inexpensive and shoot well. A friend and I tried a box of Hornady Whitetail Classic 150-gr Interlock in several of our .308s ( Sauer, SIG, M70, Tikka T3) and it shot really well in all of them. Even though I handload, i like to know how the retail stuff shoots in my rifles, in case I am out somewhere with a rifle in the car and get an invitation to hunt.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I went to gun shop with the best of intent and came out with a Sako A7 instead. Much as I thought the 101 felt the better build I could not get on with the safety, especially with gloves.
    You advice is much appreciated,

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    The Sako A7 in .308 is a nice rifle, like a Tikka T3 with a few more features, like coming with Weaver slot bases instead of the integral rail and rings, magazine with metal liner, and a good and quiet safety. They are good shooting rifles, and not picky, so my advice stands on starting with less expensive ammo.. Lighter rifle than the the Sauer, and in the stainless /synthetic model, a very good all-round rifle. ( SS/Syn is all the A7s we saw in the USA, and almost none now).

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    Much appreciated,
    Happy hunting


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    sako 123 gr me and some friends shoot these in a range of rifles ie remmy, sako ,tikka and a custom all group well inside 1in at 100 and dont break the bank.

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