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Thread: Help with a stalking question...or three

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    Help with a stalking question...or three

    Dear all,

    I have a couple of (three) questions for the Forum, any help gratefully received...

    1. is it legal to use a recording to lure deer to enable it to be culled? I believe the answer is no it is illegal, but I could do with some clarification.
    2. what does the term 'going back' mean? I believe this term refers to the antlers of older beasts growing back and therefore the beast being past its prime.
    3. what does the term 'to register' mean? I am stumped...

    I'm sitting some hunting examinations and the answer to these three questions are getting the better of me for the moment.

    Many thanks.


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    1. It is illegal to use electronic calls to lure in and shoot deer. It is NOT illegal to use calls, such as a buttalo or mouth calls to lure deer in and shoot them.

    2. Going back is a term used to describe an older beast, usually a Stag or Buck that has reached his peak in antler growth a year or two before, and is now producing a much less quality head and is past his best and is therefore as a rule a prime beast to be culled.

    3. Register, in what context are you asking? Is this to register for the course? or register you have noticed a beast? I cant answer this one I am afraid without more input from you.
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    Best post an introduction too..
    atb steve

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    Thank you Sikamalc, much appreciated. With regards to my question 3), unfortunately I have no context whatsoever other than 'what does the term 'to register' mean?'. I've tried all the forums, hunting websites, google and a vast number of stalking books...but alas I am stumped.

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    'To register' can mean many different things if used in different ways.

    if you are able to show is an example of a sentence where 'to register' has been used it will be much easier to answer your question.

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    Come on people While it would be convenient to have a register of all the deer on your ground I suspect this is what is required.

    Look closely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hearles View Post
    ..... what does the term 'to register' mean? I am stumped...
    Why don't you go back to your training provider with these queries? Regards JCS

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    Thank you one and all. I appreciate your time. I have now have answers I have been looking for.

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    What was the answer to No#3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsmoke View Post
    What was the answer to No#3?
    Wingers243 has very kindly 'hinted' that I should be looking in the direction of registering deer vis--vis Government rules on keeping farmed animals. Makes sense. So now I'm reading the DEFRA guidance on Deer Farming: health and welfare.

    Thank you much one and all for your help. Very kind.

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