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Thread: Nosler 85gn spitzer

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    Nosler 85gn spitzer

    Morning all, yesterday i bought a couple of boxes of 6mm 85gn nosler partition spitzers which was the only bullets my local dealer had in stock, having recovered from the shock of the price i was wondering if any forum member use these bullets and could give me their loading data in the hope that i will find a suitable load without using to many on the range, i have h414, h4831, and n140 available, so any load and OAL data you have would be much appreciated, cheers geoff

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    I assume Geoffrey you are shooting a 243? In which case you may struggle I think to get the required legal MV for deer stalking with such a light weight bullet, but I may be wrong.

    In my Speer loading manual for 85g bullets they suggest H414 39grain but magnum primer with a max of 43g. For H4831 they suggest 44g up to a max of 48g compressed load.
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    Hi Malc. thanks for the information, if my calculations are right an 85gn bullet fired with a MV of 3002 fps is just above 1700ftlb using the formula

    MV x MV x bullet weight, devided by 450400 = energy in ftlb. Hope all is well with you Regards geoff

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    Hello Geoffrey.

    Just to validate your post, in my .243win, I use a 87gr SP design bullet, and IMR-4350 powder (which I understand is not the fastest burning). Chronoed MV (average over a 10 shot string) is 3095 fps, and I worked out my ME is 1850 ft/lb.... If you are reloading then you may be able to up your MV by a few FPS, dependant on the powder type / weight, and get a better ME as a result....

    All the best.


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    After you had pulled your pants up and stopped much did they charge you for 50 85gr Partitions? Ive just bought some for 26 for 50

    H414 is the way up carefully but I get up to 44gr behind a 85gr.


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    Hi DT wait for it, i paid 40.87 for 50 at kwg Ashford so you can understand why i don't want to use them punching paper, i will try H414 out of interest what OAL do you use? cheers Geoff

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    Hang on a minute Geoff.....I'm just picking myself up from the floor....

    COAL 2.65"

    You have PM

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