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Thread: Mauser custom building project

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    Mauser custom building project

    I was planning to build this for myself in 7x57 (7mm Mauser), but am not considering putting the project up for sale.

    The action is a repatriated Czech (BRNO) VZ24, sold to the Yugo's who scrubbed it and re labelled it M24/52C. This along with the 1909 modello argentino (DWM) are considered by many to be the finest mauser actions ever made, in terms of tolerances, machining, metallurgy, etc.

    My proposed build is a standard/classic calibre suitable for a non-lengthened M98 magazine.

    The action will have a 2 or 3 position side safety with a traditional 'domed' bolt shroud.

    I will install an oberndorf style bolt handle (straight) sitting down and slightly rearwards.

    I am installing clawmount bases, the rear base will be sitting within the old stripper clip wings and will be laser welded in place (ie, it's there to stay).

    Any gaps will be filled with weld and polished to make what will appear to be an integral rear claw mount base. The front will be positioned based
    on the scope length to be installed, but I propose a clawmount foot behind an island base with a one or two leaf rear sight. I propose using scope rings on this rather than rails.

    I am considering inlaying the rear and front sights with warthog ivory, which is a very white material which stands out well in the dark too.

    The action has been lapped for 95% bearing surface on all 3 lugs rather than just the front two. The bolt face has been trued and polished.

    I propose a banded front sight and partridge style front bead, regulated at maybe 75yds and 125yds or 75 and 150.

    The floorplate will be military style, or if budget allows, a blackburn bottom metal with a drop/swing floorplate.

    I am proposing to use an old M70 checkered steel buttplate (pictured), re-polished and rust blued slightly for a 'grey' effect. The screws will be nitre blued, as will action screws.

    The bolt catch will have the slide nitre blued, the bolt will be jewelled.

    I am proposing the action be polished in the white, with a slow rust blued barrel and sights. The scope rings will be either in the white or nitre blued.

    The clawmount structure is used to showcase the beautiful receiver crest in all its glory, a lost art IMHO.

    Stock wise, I am currently looking at french and english walnut blanks with exhibition grade veining, I propose a traditional mauser sporter profile with ebony grip cap and steel grip cap, slightly blued to match the buttplate. Checkering will/can be wrap around point pattern.

    There will be a front cross bolt installed and the front and rear of action will be glass bedded in black probed 2000.

    I am proposing inlaid front and rear swivels and pontentially a silver shield.

    The stock will be oil finished in a high london finish.

    The floorplate could have a simple name/initial/calibre engraving at extra costs if desired, but it's proposed to leave bottom metal in the white as well to match the receiver.

    The project, should anyone be interested, will be 12-18 months, and will be open to requests/suggestions for different building structures such as bluing of the receiver, etc. i will also be looking for the buyer to assist in picking the wood for the build based on options I source.

    This is inspiration for the build -
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rifle build idea.png 
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    Here are a few of the proposed components -

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo 1 (12).jpg 
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ID:	51955Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photo 2 (6).jpg 
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Name:	photo 4 (4).jpg 
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    Price wise, the build will cost approx. 4,500, and I would require a 30% deposit due to the cost of acquisition of stock blanks and barrels.

    PM me with any enquiries please.
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    The action has now been extended to accept a 300H&H Mag, which will be its designated cartridge for this custom build.

    Moreover, it will no longer have a quarter rib, but a barrel saddle for front claw mount foot, meaning it will seat either 4x33 style or 3-9x36 sized scopes, both, quite ideal for the 300H&H. Will also have a 2 leaf express sight and matching front sight of course.

    Can also be fitted with SW Silvers pad, leather covered if desired, rather than steel buttplate.

    I will shortly have a shortlist of stockblanks for the build to choose from.

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    ps. also happy to use the attached action for any such projects. price increase will be approx. 4,000 though, but will make it feasible to use a magnum action length in the M98

    Magnum Bolt Action

    This would of course also mean the possibility of alternative scope mount structures given a double square bridge.

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    Stunning base as a project for someone who has the funds to invest in a classic stalker or large game rifle.

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    Take a motorbike in part ex? Hahahaha seriously though. That'll be gorgeous when it's done mate. I may contact you regards some work on my rifle when funds allow.

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    Ever since following as a boy in either Guns Review or Guns and Ammo a series of articleson building a 300 H&H on a mauser or p14 action (also aMauser type) have really wanted one of these. Mine will be built on a left handed action, and one day will have the funds to do so. Glad that you have taken the big step to be rifle building full time, rather than driving a desk.

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