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Thread: Metal Detector Advice Needed

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    Metal Detector Advice Needed

    Yesterday my stalking partner dropped his T3 magazine loaded with three rounds of .243 into a drainage ditch whilst stalking Roe on farmland.
    We know within a hundred yards where it is but could not find it.

    I have obtained permission to use a metal detector.

    The ditch is running with fresh water that is three to four inches deep and no more than three feet wide at the bottom. There is plant matter growing in it too.

    I have a Minelab X-Terra 30 which I have used very little. I have little knowledge of metal detecting.

    Could anyone advise whether my detector would be likely to locate the mag ? Would I need to hold the scanning coil above the water or is it feasible to immerse it without damage ?
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    Yes it will be fine and should locate the mag no problem , all the coils are sealed.

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    Yes Mate the Minelab X Terra 30 will find it and as previous said no water will ingress into the sealed coil

    Go for it and you may even find some roman silver )

    Let me know how you get on

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    As above posts the coil will be fine in the water. It will be easier to use above the water work calmly and methodically

    Try three rounds together on the carpet to see how far away you can detect them, should easily detect to 12 inches depth or more.

    Good luck with the search.

    A timely reminder to check all your equipment after every obstacle, recently I had a feeling to check the moderator was clear while out in snow. After clearing a blockage a short time later a couple of shots presented themselves.
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    Thank you all for the advice and encouragement. Hopefully we will be back on the farm next Wednesday. Stalking at dawn then down into the ditch with the X-Terra 30.
    I will try three rounds as suggested to establish detection signal, distance etc. I will update the thread, hopefully with a positive result.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    Well, just got back home from today's trip to Norfolk. Searched the ditch with the X-Terra 30 and about half way along the search area an unmistakeable signal, 24 -28 showed on the numeric display, a mid range strong beep and a mid range discrimination segment. Just as when I was practising on the lawn with three .243 cartridges.
    My stalking partner has come well equipped with long rubber gloves and after a couple of pinpoint signals, he came up with the magazine from the mud under about four inches of water and vegetation. I must say I am well impressed with this piece of kit.
    Oh yes and my stalking partner bagged a Roe at last light for good measure.
    A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

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    Good news...nothing sounds as great as the click of an errant magazine going back where it is supposed to be. He will always check the 'click' every time from now on lesson learned

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    Telling me lost one out of my AI last year whilst foxing in v muddy conditions, found by luck searching area where I thought it might have come out. Might be an idea to mark mag with luminous paint or attach a night stick or alike for future use.


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