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Thread: Arran and Moderated Rifles?

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    Arran and Moderated Rifles?

    can someone advise me about when stalking on Arran with the BASC scheme if you are required to use a moderated rifle or if you can go there with un-moderated rifles?

    many thanks!

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    Call Dan (crouch valley) feller he seems to be the Arran Guru , he should be able to put you right

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    up to you mate there's no rules about mods you just need to take ear defenders for the shooting test Monday morning.

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    Why don't you ring the Game and Deer dept at BASC and ask them? They know the rules..

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    i'm shy... cheers Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    i'm shy... cheers Dan
    want me to ask? I know them well.

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    Dont the FC have a rule that you cant shoot on their ground without a Mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    Dont the FC have a rule that you cant shoot on their ground without a Mod
    No .... nor is there any justification for such a rule. It's a condition in some FC leases for local reasons but not in all. However, if it isn't a lease condition then the leaseholder running a syndicate on FC ground can always impose it.

    There's no mention of compulsory moderators in the BASC Arran Rules so the answer to the OP's question is NO. These are available on-line.

    If it ain't in the Rules then there's no obligation on the individual licence holder to comply.
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    Thanks Hebgirl, it might save a hiccup! Good stuff Sinistral

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