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Thread: Result Of Consultation - RSPCA Powers

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    Result Of Consultation - RSPCA Powers

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    reads like a done deal best get some steel pants boys, if it happens we ! no sorry you up there are going to get F***** Over at every chance they get .

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    this is good news, the idea that such a body could gain extra power in the way they wanted could have been a real issue.

    edit, the impression I got when I first heard about this was they as an organisation wanted to gain the power to walk in, search, seize and collect for evidence purposes as the police can. Giving them essentially a dangerous amount of power to misuse as they see fit.
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    personally i feel the need to mistrust any Org. that is't a Government body ? Taking the high ground with a track record that feels its ok to spend well wishers cash in the pursuit of lawful hunters, i do agree some thing needs to be done with the night /day poachers and dag runners but the UK is too wishy washy to deal with them !!!! we the norm chaps will be the targets, but haho if you within the law then there's now't to worry about

    Edit Sorry i forgot this is in Scotland IT would never happen in the South
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    If this goes ahead it will just lead to bribery and corruption along with the occasional inspector being knocked about in a case of mistaken identity.

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    Didn't like the Petition being used when they didn't know who was responsible not good .

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