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Thread: cz 527 223 varmint worth

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    cz 527 223 varmint worth

    Hi im after a bit of help im thinking of selling my cz527 223 varmint with hs kevlar stock i had it for 10 months from new i put 150 rounds throw it it comes with cz own mounts if i do come to sell it will probably come with dies and a couple hundred rg brass and 200 barnes tips , its because im thinking about getting a 17 fireball and what are they like i seen and read good reviews about them just if any you guys have any experience with them

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    Iv got a nice Abolt I could swap you

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    Ive just ordered the cz 527 varmint in .204......these guns are very hard to get in Ireland and was only 2 available in the uk for us to import, if i was you id be holding onto it ...if your really set on getting rid, give the 204 i thought ;-)

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