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Thread: Blaser r93 308 barrel

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    Blaser r93 308 barrel

    Hi I am after a blaser r93 fluted 308 heavy barrel with 18x1 thread cheers

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    There was 1 advertised in this section a couple of days ago if you look back a few pages mate

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    Hi cheers but need fluted barrel

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    Quote Originally Posted by slack chamber View Post
    Hi cheers but need fluted barrel
    I searched high and low for a standard profile fluted .308 barrel and had to order one from the factory in the end.
    1400 and three weeks later I got what I wanted complete with magazine and 15 x 1 thread and protector.

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    Hi it's the heavy flitted barrel I want with 18x1 thread ,cheers for info though

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    I have a .308 heavy weight fluted barrel I would sell,

    it come with a.223 I bought

    PM if interested

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