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Thread: Feasgar math dhuibh uile!

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    Feasgar math dhuibh uile!

    Not swearing, honest! 'Gaelic'.

    Just to say hello and my first post. Shooting .308 and 6.5 x 55. I've been shooting generally all my life but deer stalking for about fifteen years. Completed DSC2 about five years ago. I shoot in Moray, so if I can be of any help to any one in my limited way I would be delighted to assist.

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    Welcome aboard Donald I'm sure you'll enjoy it!



    Alba gu brŗth
    Blaser R8 Professional Success 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Nar then old lad welcome tut site, hope tha enjoys thesen
    Just replying in Yorkshire
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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    Welcome from Aberdeenshire!

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    Welcome to the site

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    Welcome aboard A'Dhomhnaill! Tha mi smaoineachadh gum bi turas math agad air am fÚram seo.

    All the best,


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    Is toigh leam arsa mise.

    A bheil gaidhlig agaibh .... innis an fhirinn!
    Ammo collector & cartridge geek Ö. if I donít have it you donít shoot it.

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    Failte Domhnall.Thig a-steach!

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