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Thread: Swiss v Swarovski - customer service

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    Swiss v Swarovski - customer service

    We all hear how good the Swarovski customer service is, but I've experienced a timely reminder today.

    I emailed both swarovski and Zeiss after hours last night. I heard from Swarovski at 9.10 this morning, confirming the items I'd requested would be in the post. I've yet to receive any sort of acknowledgment from zeiss, which would normally be acceptable if it weren't for the glaring example of how the direct competition deal with things.

    Perhaps zeiss will be in touch, but I may as well ask the question on here.

    One of of the barrels on my conquest hd binoculars froze internally at the weekend, which would suggest the seals have been breached and are allowing moisture inside. I'm struggling to find the correct number for the appropriate department at zeiss. I've called a couple of the numbers that appear on their uk website with no response, hence my email.

    Any suggestions?


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    When I had an issue with my bikini covers for a Duralyt scope I used the contact email on this link and they got back to me within 12 hours and had posted them out free of charge. I know it isn't a phone number but its what I used and was great service. I do, however, remember another thread where someone said they had issues calling Zeiss UK too.

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    That's the email I've already used thanks. I anticipate that they'll respond, it's just that Swarovski are in a class of their own.

    ps I now realised predictive text has cocked up my thread title!


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    Now heard from zeiss, all sorted.


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