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    I have a friend who has recently dropped his zeiss scope and we think it might have a hairline crack on the rear lense. is ther any where he can send it? and at what cost? any help would be great thanks

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    Have you tried ringing Zeiss and asking them direct?

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    Zeiss will repair it I don't know about cost, zeiss have a life time guarantee, but as it was dropped unlikely to be covered.
    I know of two people who returned scopes to Zeiss both with clarity issues, one was refurbished the other was replaced with a new scope, both free of charge.

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    could this not be covered on household insurance if zeiss wont repair for free???

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    Christine Karn,
    Carl Zeiss Ltd
    PO Box 78
    Woodfield road
    Welwyn Garden City
    Al7 1LU
    01707 871200

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    thanks for the help i'll tell him to try zeiss direct .

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    I recently sent a Zeiss scope off to get the reticle changed (ebay purchase - new) and had to send it to Zeiss in Wetzlar. No real problem and I just posted it off and it came back (eventually) with the job perfectly carried out.

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