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    I had my scope sent off to Ziess at Cambridge as I was having to issues with my scope. It has had to go off to Germany to be repaired. They have had it for over 2 months now... I can't get hold of the customer service department at Cambridge to find out what's going on.

    Am I being impatient or should I be pressing Ziess harder to find out what's going on?

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    I would push a bit harder tom, that's taking a long time, and not great customer service!
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    I had similar problems with Zeiss UK, I think they were having some serious staff issues at the time. I got fobbed off many times before I finally lost patience and went over everyones head. You would have thought I was dealing with a local cowboy market trader rather than the world's third best optics manufacturer. To be fair, once I got talking to the organ grinder (Mark?), he quickly got things sorted out.

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    OH god I was thinking of changing after problems with my Swarovski.
    I take my hat off to Swarovski. Scope posted for next day delivery, arrived and was sent on that day. Got a card saying it had gone the next day and two days after that a quote for the repair. Phoned that day and said yes and they said they would email Swarovski and would phone me when it was on its way back to collect payment.
    Only thing I'm wondering, Do they have a better repair service because they break more often? My scope has been back 4x in its guarantee period.
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    I have to say Zeiss in Germany have been very helpful in recently registering 2x Z-Conquest, albeit forwarding to US, (should it be needed) for warranty purposes.
    Suffice to say I have 4x Zeiss-Conquest now, 2x registered with them previously and found very helpful.
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    What annoys me is I have phoned the customer service department everyday this week at different times and not once have I got through to someone to even ask what's going on, let alone push them along.

    I have to say it has really put me off the idea of buying another Ziess scope...

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    There was a lad from Zeiss on SD. I cant remember his name now, maybe another member can ??

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    Pretty sure Zeiss fellahs name was Gary - perhaps a search for 'Gary/Zeiss in Members will bring to the fore....


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    Dont think Gary is a member on here but might be wrong , im sure one of the Zeiss guys will see this thread and help out
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    I own both a Zeiss and a Swarovski scope.

    Thankfully I've never needed to contact Zeiss, but I'm concerned by the amount of customers I'm reading about on this forum and others who are struggling to contact them, and have faults satisfactorily rectified.

    In terms of quality and price it really is splitting hairs between the big three, it's such things as customer service which is going to push a potential customer to one other than the other.
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