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Thread: Now there's a deal

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    Now there's a deal

    For the life of me though why have they decided that the .308 and .243 get floor plates and all other calibres a magazine Somebodies marketing man needs a kick up the a$$

    Especially as Swillington are listing the gun on its own at £2k
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    The mounts look as ugly as sin. Spoil the look of the outfit totally.

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    It seems a bargain vs. the rrp but in the us that scope can be purchased for $900 new so £600 and as much as the wood looks nice on that Zoli I doubt it's walnut looking at the bizarre grain. But then again it seems that many retailers are willing to survive on poor margins.

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    It's a Zolli. Hardly a premium marque. Seems over priced.
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