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Thread: New NRA probationary training package

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    New NRA probationary training package

    From the NRA newsletter (16th December 2014)


    As part of our continued effort to improve the quality of our training, a new Probationary Members' training package is being introduced from January 2015. The new system will provide a more in-depth level of instruction (on and off the range), than the current system.

    The main aim is to ensure Probationary Members have a sound knowledge of a variety of firearms, how to use each one safely and effectively, and provide them with more of an opportunity to consider where their future interest in shooting lies.

    We will also provide training in range systems and procedures, butt marking and basic firearms maintenance.

    The new package will consist of 5 mandatory modules, each of 1 day in length.

    The modules will cover a wide spectrum of Full-bore and Gallery Rifle shooting, in addition to lessons on zeroing and sighting systems. The final module will include a written test paper, assessments for Shooter Certification Cards (SCCs) and guidance on where to go next. Probationary members will no longer attend the Shooting Club as part of their training.

    On graduation, the new Probationers will be given information about specific disciplines and opportunities to develop further training through the series of ‘Introduction To: Gallery Rifle/Civilian Service Rifle/Target Shotgun’; the seminars run by F Class and Match Rifle, and clubs offering Target Rifle shooting and Sporting Rifle. For those wishing to enter competitions, we will provide guidance about club and NRA competitions.

    The cost is considerably less than the current package at 85 for Module 1 (introductory shoot & safe system lessons) and 95 for each of the remaining Modules (total cost 465). As part of our effort to promote our sport to the younger generations, we are offering a 40% discount to all Under 25s taking part in NRA training or competitions. This will bring the Probationary package to 279 for U25s.

    The cost includes all range fees, firearms, ammunition and instruction by the professional training team.

    Further details will be available on the NRA website shortly, along with the dates for each module.

    National Rifle Association of the UK | NRA | Courses | Probationary Members
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    Is this training obligatory for all new NRA members who want to use the ranges? -- It sounds like it may be ok but is blo*dy expensive on top of any membership fees. - A sure fire way of discouraging new members.


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    Its for probationary members, i.e. starting from scratch with no FAC

    It is different for people who already have a FAC and/or are members of a Shooting Club already (including the BASC shooting club, BDS branch shooting clubs, etc.)

    See National Rifle Association of the UK | NRA | Membership | Overview
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    You need to have a Safe Shooters Certificate to use Bisley & this is one way of getting it from what I can see. So this is a way to get started & shoot as a member of the NRA club, from what I can make out, if you don't already belong to an NRA affiliated club.

    That said NRA are doing some good training these days for not a lot of money. I did the Introduction to CSR last weekend and it was really good.

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    NRA out there again emptying shooters pockets instead of helping them
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    Quote Originally Posted by dully1963 View Post
    NRA out there again emptying shooters pockets instead of helping them
    I didn't see it that way.

    Firstly it says that the cost is lower than the former package.

    Secondly, there is nothing to stop a new shooter from joining a HO approved club in the same way and undergoing their own probationary training and possible the Safe Shooter Card to be able to shoot on MOD ranges.

    One advantage of the NRA package is that it provides an introduction to a number of different disciplines that a NRA member could become involved in through shooting at Bisley, which may not be available at other HO approved clubs which are typically active in fewer disciplines.

    All in all, I thought it a good initiative, which is why I posted it! (I'm an NRA member, nothing more).

    Seems way cheaper than joining a golf club and paying for lessons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dully1963 View Post
    NRA out there again emptying shooters pockets instead of helping them
    I'm with you on this one Dully, that's an awful lot of money and doesn't encourage new shooters into the sport of target shooting.

    Our club training officer is currently working on producing/improving it's own training package that enables the Chairman to sign off on competency certificates. Some time ago we did purchase 5 copies of the NRA notes and training package and were very disappointed with them and told the NRA so. I sincerely hope that the training that they now provide is worth the money that they seem to think it is.
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    I am not really a target shooter but what the hell can you find to teach someone for 5 days.
    I could teach someone to be safe on a range in a couple of hours.


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    NRA out there again emptying shooters pockets instead of helping them
    I think it may be time to give the NRA a break for a while. The report from the new Director, that NRA members get sent, did admit that the Bisley had been poorly run for the last decade or so. They are making a new effort to tidy the place up, fix the roads etc.. They have opened up the old pistol range, are redoing Charlsmore & planning a new rage behind BSRC/Melville as well. I was down on peg 107 on Century on Friday afternoon and they have a load of new metal target lifters that have just been installed on the far end of Century, plus new targets down at 19 as well the range office said. They had a work team out with diggers etc on Siberia. So improvements are happening. Yes they had a bad reputation which they mostly deserved but hopefully things are about to change.

    Plus they are doing some quite good value courses at the moment if you look on their training schedule. I just signed up for 2 full days on hand loading for 95, which aint bad value at all. That is a full day on the theroy, reloading skills etc.. then Day 2 is out on the range with a chrono, doing more reloads & tuning a load to your particular rifle. Not a rip off at all but damn good value in my book. This will be the 3rd course I have booked with them this year (Intro to CSR & Intro to Pratical Shootie being the others). Just my 2 cents.

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      This will bring the Probationary package to 279 for U25s
    Does this mean I have to shell out 279 for my grandson when he turns 9 in April just to shoot rim fire at a NSA affiliated club, when he shoots with me already in a safe manner over 1200 acres ??????

    I think I may well be joining him up to the NSRA !!!!!!

    At least when I go to The Shooting Show that will be one less trade stand I will need to go to.
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