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Thread: Conquest failure

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    Conquest failure

    Has anyone ever had a zeiss conquest fail on them?

    i recently swapped a 4-14x44 non target turret conquest for a target turret version 4-14x50

    strapped to my 300wm the barrel clearance on the objective bell is very small but daylight shows through.
    loads I worked up group well inside an inch when tested with the x44 scope

    when I checked the zero the grouping was ok but I had a flyer which I put down to me, otherwise it moved out to about an inch-inch and a half but fine for my purposes

    Yesterday I shot a hind at about 175yds and the shot was a little higher than I had expected from where I aimed. Like 2-3"

    checked zero this morning and it was 3.5" high and 1.5" right at 100.
    i had to faff around to get the shots within about 1-2" high as the clicks didn't seem to correspond to the actual poi
    2moa down made it drop 8" at 100yds (4" high to 4" low
    1.5 moa up put it back up 8" (4" low to 4" high!)
    1moa put it down 2"

    i left it at that as I was sick of chasing it around

    this afternoon I clean missed a hind at around 160yds
    standing left to right, facing slightly uphill
    lying prone solid rest, steady as a rock

    Seriously confused I put this mornings target out and the fecking thing was shooting 3.5" low and 1.5" left
    putting my shot right under its chest, thankfully there were no legs in the way
    thats a 6+" shift since this morning!

    i adjusted to bring the shot to 1" high

    next shots were 4" high and 2" low and both 1.5" right

    scope is tight
    action is tight
    crown is clear
    using a muzzle break, no contact inside
    ammo is proven

    seriously pissed off as this is the first time I have taken the scope out, bought brand new
    it doesn't seem to track on the turrets and worse it doesn't seem to have held zero from this morning to this afternoon.

    have had nothing but trouble with big brand scopes on this rifle
    already blown a reticule on a S&B 4-12x44!

    luckily I brought the .270 so all is not lost
    put paid to my long range plinking I had planned for Sunday!

    Will have to sort it out when I get back

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    Just talking to a mate of mine and he had similar issues with one on his 7mm rem mag. It's currently with Zeiss being sorted. Other than that I don't have any more details, sorry.

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    That's not good


    you say you've already damaged an S&B and now you have a faulty Zeus now both these scopes are top quality optics not cheap Chinese tat

    I find it strange that you have two faulty scopes that have came off the same rifle yes a 300wm is a bit of an animal but it shouldn't cause any issues with your two scopes

    I don't really know what to suggest

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    Mount bases and ring alignment/concentricity with new scope??
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickoShay View Post
    Mount bases and ring alignment/concentricity with new scope??
    lower mounts never removed, uppers opened, scope removed, new one placed and torqued up
    sat perfectly in lowers

    S&B failure was a well documented wire reticule version and a moderated rifle
    mcleods said they have seen it a lot

    not envisaged having to send it back but I will be pissed if it has to go to the U.S.

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    Had the same with my Swarovski, you are not alone.
    Just out of curiosity have you tried winding it all the way one way, then all the way the other incase something has just got stuck inside?
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    How close to the barrel ?
    Is there a mark on the scope above the barrel ?


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    Seem to recall earlier post in 2014 suggesting it may be possible to send it to Germany for repair - would be worth investigating before fretting over sending to US and all that may entail.
    I have 2x registered through US and 2x more being done through Germany - at the end of the day they are Zeiss......
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    Sorry to bust into the middle of your thread. But can Markfox please pm me your number, not sure you are receiving mine? Might be the wifi on the rig! Cheers, and sorry to interrupt.

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    Have you tried this scope on another rifle?


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