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Thread: Wild Boar on Beeb one

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    Wild Boar on Beeb one

    in the next half hour or so, on the politics show.

    no doubt Defra say they dont exist?

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    Yep just watching but been harrassed by girlriend about mothers day visit for lunch at the dragons arghhhh

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    Just seen it. Very brief but not too bad I thought, Martin Goulding was interviewed and put the point acros that the guidance seemed to have been put together in a very rushed manner. The Beeb also repeated the much quoted 50 boar in the forest of Dean. The clip of the wild boars with the cute stripey piglets was good, but other clips of obviously penned boars was not so good.

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    It was a bit briefer than the trailter led me to expect.

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    Yup all of 5 minutes waited to watch it and was a bit disapointed

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