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Thread: House sitter / animal minder available

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    House sitter / animal minder available

    We are a family of 4 Kiwi's (Dad, Mum and 2 girls aged 8 and 12) available to house sit and look after any animals during school holidays (I'm a teacher!). We are based in West Berkshire but are happy to travel and would love to experience some different parts of the UK. We have owned a dog, cat, rabbits, birds, fish etc and we are experienced with farm animals. We are very responsible and non-smokers. The next holidays are 14th - 22nd Feb. Please PM me with any questions etc.

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    Still available for the up coming holidays! Happy to answer any queries etc.

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    I like this concept, will certainly keep it in mind for the summer.....
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    Really good idea - I already have a dogsitter who comes over to coincide with my hunting trips away. My dogs - a lab, a Jack and a BMH - really like her and I'm happier knowing the dogs are at home and not in kennels plus its a break in the country for my friend. Along with not having to pay for kennneling its a win win win. Hope you get some takeups. Chris.

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    Thanks guys, hopefully it is a win-win for us and someone else.

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