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Thread: Winchester SX3 12g Semi-auto shotgun camo

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    Winchester SX3 12g Semi-auto shotgun camo

    For sale - Winchester SX3 12G semi-auto shotgun in camo.

    This shotgun is second hand and in good condition, comes with chokes and choke key. The camo is Mossy oak break up infinity.
    The barrel is 28" long.

    Selling to help finance the upgrade of the optics of my stalking rifle.

    I am looking for 650, but I am open to offers.

    Please contact me via pm
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    Just giving this a bump as I've found a scope......any takers and offers?

    Price drop to 550.....must go.
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    Ive used this shotgun and its like new inside and out. It shoots nicely too.
    Anybody local in the Glasgow area I can get it for viewing and a trial..
    Well worth an offer..

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    Gonna give it one last final bump before it goes into the rfd to sell. This is 3 years old and hasn't been at the clay range every weekend. In the last 4 months I think I have fired approx 140 cartridges through this. Grab yourself a bargain ( check on GT the going rate of these - cheapest is 600). If you are in the west of Scotland, this can be viewed and trialed.

    This is open to offer.....

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    Is this the FAC version with the 8+ magazine?

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    Sorry, section 2 (2+1).

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    Can you extend mag and make it a FAC?

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    As far as I know, to fac this is a straight forward change of tube by your rfd so it can be signed over as a fac not shotgun. Please correct me as I go.....

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    Just read up on it and it looks quite costly. Cheers for reply though.

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    the magazine will be crimped so you will need to replace the existing magazine then buy the extension tube

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