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Thread: Stalking Required

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    Stalking Required

    I know this is a bit of a long shot but I thought it's got to be worth a try anyway
    I am looking for a bit of land to rent or membership to a Stalking Syndicate in the area of South Wiltshire or not too far from Salisbury.
    I have been stalking for fifty odd years but am now 'long retired' and due to spending so much time on land that went with my job have lost contact with the private stalking I had in Somerset and Dorset.
    I would like to be able to just get up and go whenever I felt the urge, rather than book a stalk now and again.
    I hold DSC level 1 and 2, have the Advanced Stalker Certificate, hold the Trained Hunter Certificate Small and Large Game and am an Accredited Witness for DMQ, apart from that I am pretty level headed
    I need something on the lines above soon, as my FC comes up for renewal at the end of the year and as it stands I have no land to use my rifles on so it may become a little difficult.
    I have been looking at Shooting.Sh as that would seem to be the answer to my my prayers but everybody I speak to warns me off of them but offers me no other solution.
    Can anybody help ? please be aware I do not have very deep pockets but may be able to coax a bit more pocket money off of the wife if something comes up
    Eddy McC

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    Thanks for all the Pm's, one was a very kind and generous offer- you know who you are P, thanks again.
    It has been pointed out that I can renew on the strength of a few Booked Stalks and the fact that I am an AW might help.
    I was hoping someone might step in with a Syndicate membership, like the one I just missed being offered locally but the person didn't think I'd be interested!!
    Thanks again to all the PMers.
    Eddy McC

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