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Thread: Correct dimensions for weaver bases help needed

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    Correct dimensions for weaver bases help needed

    I need some help, this Zeiss mounting problem is bugging me.

    I want to use Burris Signature Zee rings.

    I have a standard Howa SA aluminium picatiny rail. It measures 0.850" and my Burris rings will not fit,it needs to be 0.830"

    I have two weaver steel bases I have checked on the weaver web site and they are the correct ones.

    The longer S 36 is 0.830" the other S 35 is 0.820" The slot on the longer is 0.140" on the shorter 0.152"

    Surely this is wrong they should be the same width and the slots should be the same.? Have two bases been mixed up and marked incorrectly/counterfit?

    I have checked on Brownells and the standard picatiny/weaver rail should be 0.830" Before anybody posts I am aware of the differences between the two.

    Please could any Howa or remmy 700 users who have either weaver bases or a one piece rail please measure them and post results

    I am awaiting a reply from Weaver re the correct specs and measurements for the S35 and 36 bases



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    I think that you will find that Picatinny and Weaver are not exactly compatible.
    Picatinny dimensions are held to a tolerance and Weaver can be 'anything'.

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    Asking howa is your best bet

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    My SIG SHR 970 came with Weaver bases, and I have not changed them. I have a scope mounted on the .280 Rem with Burris Signature rings, so I can check them and get back to you.

    Realize that the Howa 1500 and Rem 700 have two different height bases, one for the front, one for the rear. It is visibly obvious, and the Weaver bases have a number stamped on them, denoting front and rear. Should be #35 on the front and #36 on the rear.

    All the brands and models which fit the Howa 1500 and Rem 700.
    Howa | Scope Bases & Mounts | Optics
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    If you happen on the older Leupold Ultra/Mark 4 bases they are also different the either the Weaver or the Picatinney. Richard Swan of A.R.M.S. developed the standard that was later refined by Picatinnney Arsenal and is now know as the Picatinney.

    I was surprised last year to find some rings I purchased from Brownells that were supposed to fit the Picatinney base would not fit an old Leupold Ultra Base I had on the rifle. I knew the slot spacing was different but did not anticipate having to remove the cross-bolts and mill them thinnner to make them fit the slots.


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    Thanks bewsher, very informative. I always new they weren't quite the same but never knew the specifics.
    A day is not wasted if you learn something new


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    Just had a reply from Weaver, so it appears my so called steel "Weaver" bases are not what they are ment to be:

    The reply from Weaver is as below:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Weaver Top Mount Base #35 is .838" wide, 1.168" long, and has a screw separation of .860". Top Mount Base4 #36 is .838" wide, 1.399" long, and has a screw separation of .604".

    So it pays to check things before you fit them.

    Now all I need to do is get a proper spec set.


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    #35 and #36, Weaver brand, are correct. You just have to mount them in the proper place, front and rear, because the height of the action is different front and rear. You can turn some bases around 180 degrees, and because the slot is off center, this gives you a little play in mounting a scope. My Burris Signature and Zee rings mount very solidly on the Weaver bases, and on the Warne slot bases.

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    Thanks, thats exactly what I need to know, now need to establish what height Zee rings to get.


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    Medium Zee rings will do for a 42mm scope, but 44mm might tough the barrel. I nave a 6x42 in just such a set of bases and rings.

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